To help young Africans develop sustainable livelihoods through skills training, enterprise, leadership, entrepreneurship; fostering self reliance and the will to succeed.
Friends of Africa Mission Statement

Guggisberg & Ghana - Foundations for a Nation


Commissioned and self-published by Friends of Africa and written by Graham Gendall Norton, with a foreword by Lord Boateng of Akyem & Wembley, this book celebrates the unique contribution made by Sir Gordon Guggisberg, the visionary Governor of the Gold Coast from 1919 to 1927, to the foundations for the vibrant democracy which is the Ghana of today.  Radically for his time, Guggisberg saw his role as to prepare the colony for independence, and because his ideas of self-sufficiency and sustainable development are so close to our own objectives as a charity, we hope the book will help raise both awareness of and funding for the expansion of a successful enterprise loans program for rural youth in Ghana.  A limited number of advance copies are available and we are asking for minimum donations of £12 per copy (UK postage included) or £15 (overseas).  Please contact us for further details:

What we do and how we operate

Youth unemployment remains one of Africa's biggest challenges, leaving millions of young people prey to poverty, disaffection, criminality, drugs and disease - a human disaster and a tragic waste of one of Africa's greatest assets. It is estimated that 50% of Africa's population is under 15 years of age.

The Friends of Africa Foundation was established in 2000 to help young Africans earn a living through projects that provide skills training and encourage enterprise, leadership and self-sufficiency.
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