The Uongozi Centre is a Friends of Kenya project dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth. It is designed to be a place where young people from all sectors of the society – the privileged and the disadvantaged, in school or in the workplace can gather and enjoy opportunities of mixing together in the process of acquiring these essential life skills.

The Uongozi Centre is already taking shape as a secure, purpose designed, sustainable facility for young people to learn leadership, teamwork, self sufficiency and enterprise through a range of challenging outdoor experiences.

Young people seeking employment may have the right formal qualifications, but often find it difficult to acquire skills which are important to the development of our private and corporate sector, and indeed Kenya’s development as a nation. They need the skills of ethically based leadership enterprise, the ability to manage a team, motivate others and take responsibility for getting the job done.

The Uongozi Centre is an ambitious and far reaching project designed to provide first class leadership training for youth from every sector of the society as well as valuable opportunities for interaction with young people from other countries and practical benefits for the local community.

The centre will be managed by Friends of Kenya, working in close collaboration with the various user groups. These will include Kenyan businesses and especially those companies who become Patrons, Benefactors or Diamond or Gold Friends. If you or your business is interested in supporting this project, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.


The Uongozi Centre is now securely fenced and gated with 24hour on-site security. A temporary store and latrines have been constructed and the foundations for the gazebo and kitchen completed.

With the aid and benefit of the services of Tim Vaulkard of Triad (architects) and David Chege of Muthiore & Associates (quantity surveyors) on a pro-bono basis the site layout and design is complete and costed. The Uongozi Centre will have its own independent water supply and will make clean water available to the Maasai community for a nominal charge. The provision of the borehole has been funded by Standard Chartered Bank. With water, the site can now be used by small groups of campers, pitching tents on any one of the prepared six areas already available.


Friends of Kenya are creating Kenya’s first network of mentoring business professionals to enhance entrepreneurial success amongst young people. The network will enable Kenya’s young entrepreneurs to start businesses with a greater chance of success, thus enhancing Kenya’s economic growth.

This network is aimed at providing mentors to young Kenyan entrepreneurs and to provide a sustainable framework which will allow Kenya’s mentors to train and network with one another in future years in order to benefit Kenya’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The first steps of the Business Mentors Network

* Recruit mentors primarily through networking with business people nationally.
* Provide a forum for interaction between mentors potentially at regional functions.
* Train Mentors using meetings, seminars and e-mailed news letters.
* Provide information to mentors primarily via newsletters and meetings.
* Maintain a database of mentors in Kenya nationwide.

If you are interested in becoming a business mentor then please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.


* Kenyan young entepreneurs - Increased chance of business success.
* Kenyan economy – Improved future economic growth.
* Financial institutions – More viable lending and financing opportunities.
* NGO’s - More successful programs (youth entepreneurship, women in IGA’s).
* Mentors – Personal reward from mentoring and professional networking, club membership.
* Communities – Increased availability and choice of goods and services.


Gender Equity and women’s empowerment are human rights that lie at the heart of development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. In recognition of the magnitude of problems faced by women, NGOs, CBOs and Governmental agencies have set up Gender desks to deal with issues women face such as: Poverty, marginalization, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery and sustainable development to mention a few.

Friends of Kenya is supporting women in entrepreneurship with our ‘Adopt a group’ scheme where individuals, friends and families in the UK are adopting young women groups and supporting them with capital to either open or boost businesses of their choice. These women groups are members of partner NGO’s/CBO’s.

If you would like to ‘Adopt a group’ then please contact us for further details.

AMKA TUJIINUE - Awake & lets together elevate ourselves

One of the first of our Womens Groups is Amka Tujiinue, It translates to mean ‘Awake and Lets Together Elevate Ourselves’. It is a call to women to arise and take advantage of the opportunities created for them by various Non-governmental and Governmental agencies in order to improve their livelihoods. Our goal is to bring about the advancement, development and empowerment of women.

By facilitating the Capacity building and empowerment of women from extremely low income areas through tailored workshops, focus group meetings and Income Generating Activities, Amka Tujiinue hopes to have a positive effect on the target population. We anticipate that our interventions will reach the woman at the lower end of the socioeconomic pyramid.