What we do and how we operate

Berekusu-Micro-Credit-ProjectFriends of Africa takes an innovative, business-based approach which is aimed at encouraging self-sufficiency and enterprise and reducing dependence on aid.

First we identify effective, reliable local partner-organisations already involved with young people. Then we help to sustain and extend their work by setting up an enterprise that generates income by meeting a need in the community; for example, a bakery or an internet cafe. A typical Friends of Africa project thus consists of a 'virtuous circle' of inter-related benefits:

Our funding is generally provided as a capital loan or on a cost-recovery basis, so that the funds can eventually be recycled into new projects, while our partners become less dependent on outside support.

Thousands of young Africans have so far been helped through our projects. Our work is currently focussed in Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Tanzania but we have also worked with partners in The Gambia and Uganda.

We do not fund other UK charities and cannot support individuals wishing to work in Africa, or those wishing to study in the UK.